What's better for us is better for our pets.

Freshpet’s approach to pet food is simple: they make fresh, real food for dogs and cats, much like the food we eat ourselves. Because Freshpet believes that if fresh food makes us feel better, it can make all the difference to the health of our pets.

Freshpet Reviews

Freshpet Reviews
Freshpet Reviews

It is this philosophy that is at the heart of every Freshpet meal made in the Freshpet Kitchens. Freshpet recipes start with fresh, wholesome ingredients, just like the meals you make at home. Freshpet works with farms across the U.S.A. to find the freshest meats, grains and produce that best meet the nutritional needs of pets.How Freshpet is prepared is just as important as the ingredients in their food and treats. Freshpet gently cooks the ingredients at lower temperatures, to retain more nutrients naturally. Freshpet foods are then quickly cooled to keep them fresh without chemical or artificial preservatives.All Freshpet foods are refrigerated from the moment they are made to the time they are served at home, ready to be gobbled down by furry families.

Freshpet’s Facebook page is a fun place for the pet parent community!


Freshpet uses fresh ingredients, unlike processed pet foods.

Freshpet is proud to use fresh, all natural ingredients that are locally sourced throughout the USA. Each day, wholesome ingredients like fresh meats and poultry, grains, and fruits and vegetables are delivered to the Freshpet Kitchens. The Freshpet team takes care in selecting only ingredients that are all-natural and good for pets, never any fillers, by-products, or other ingredients your dog or cat does not need.

My dog loves chunky beef recipe!

In every pound of Freshpet food, you’ll find:

  1. At least 12 ounces animal protein, like chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, or egg.
  2. Locally-sourced produce like fresh carrots, peas or cranberries.
  3. 18 essential vitamins and minerals to keep pups and kitties as their best.
  4. Never any fillers, by-products or ingredients you can’t pronounce.

All Freshpet recipes start with fresh meats like chicken, beef, lamb or salmon. Fresh meats are high in amino and fatty acids, which help keep dogs and cats lean, strong, and full of energy. Our meats are never pre-cooked, unlike many processed pet foods. We then add fresh fruits and veggies that are high in fiber and antioxidants. Finally, some of our recipes contain easily-digestible grains in small amounts. We choose wholesome grains for these recipes like brown rice, never wheat, corn, or wheat gluten.









Fresh is thoughtfully prepared, not processed.

It is a simple idea with a big benefit. The healthiest pet food should be prepared the same way we prepare our own. That’s why Freshpet started with the freshest, all natural ingredients, then gently cooks them and refrigerates immediately to preserve the freshness.

Freshpet Select Chunky Beef Vegetables & Brown Rice Fresh Pet Dog Food Review
Freshpet Select Chunky Beef

Freshpet Reviews
Freshpet Select Chunky Beef

There is even more cooking in Freshpet’s kitchen. Most pet foods use grains or meals that are cooked at high temperatures and high pressures but, this process actually breaks down key amino acids needed for energy and muscle development.

Freshpet set out to do things differently when making fresh dog food and fresh cat food. From cooking to refrigeration, we never break down our ingredients through over-processing. As a result Freshpet is 1/3 less processed than leading dry foods. We think that is a winning recipe for pets everywhere. Because we insist on cooking our meals at lower temperatures, the vital nutrients in Freshpet foods are then preserved naturally in the fridge or on the shelf.



Fresh Pet Food Uses No Chemical or Artificial Preservatives

In all Freshpet foods, Freshpet never use chemical or artificial preservatives. All Freshpet meals and treats have a “Freshest if Sold By” date that is weeks away, not years.

Just like the meals you cook at home, Freshpet refrigerated meals and treats need refrigeration to stay fresh, naturally. These meals and treats are kept refrigerated from the moment they are made to the day they arrive at our refrigerators in your local market.

It’s real food, and that’s why we make it the same way we make our own. So find Freshpet in the pet aisle fridge or on the shelf and know you’re getting the freshest, most nutritious food available for your pet.


Pets and parents are flipping for fresh. Here is why.

On Freshpet’s Facebook page and in Freshpet Reviews it’s easy to see why so many pets love fresh food:

Freshpet Dog Food contains a host of healthy and nutritious ingredients which are great for your dog!
these pages are flooded with happier pets from around the country, enjoying the transformational benefits of a wholesome Freshpet diet.

The Freshpet team truly believes that a diet of fresh pet food can be life changing. And though our pets can’t tell you, you can actually see the proof in their shinier, softer coats and increased energy levels.


It all comes down to a simple fact. If we feel better when we eat fresher, healthier foods without preservatives, so will our dogs and cats. That’s why we only use fresh locally sourced meats, produce, and grains. They’re rich in natural enzymes that help pets digest and absorb nutrients. This also means less waste and fewer stomach upsets.

All Freshpet food is cooked slowly at low temperatures to lock in all of their nutrients. The results are delicious, highly digestible meals that pack a nutritious punch. Which makes a huge difference in the health of your pet that you can see and feel.

And when you see what pet parents are saying about Freshpet, you’ll understand why we say our proof is in the pets.


Here are just a few of the benefits of Freshpet:

Better Digestion

Natural enzymes in fresh foods means better absorption of key nutrients, which is better on the tummy.

A shiny, soft skin and coat

High quality, fresh animal proteins provide more essential amino acids and fatty acids to keep your pup or kitty’s coat shiny and soft and prevent dry skin and shedding.

More energy

No heavy fillers and preservatives to make them sluggish, just highly digestible natural food for maximum benefit, and maximum energy.

Relief from common food allergies

Simple recipes, single protein sources, and no fillers make our foods an ideal choice for pets suffering from allergens.

Healthy weight

High protein meals dense in amino acids and other nutrients helps build lean muscle, while the great taste helps pets reach and maintain a healthy weight.

A clean bowl after mealtime

Fresh meat, chicken and fish, yummy veggies–with flavor profiles straight from Freshpet chefs—make it simply irresistible to pets.

Freshpet helps 30 very deserving pets celebrate the holiday season with a Freshpet feast. Freshpet has donated over 2 million meals to date.









Quality is the top of the line at the Freshpet Kitchens

Freshpet makes all refrigerated pet food in their own Freshpet Kitchens in Bethlehem, PA. The Freshpet Kitchens, as seen on CNB’s the Profit, take pride in being the cleanest and most advanced among pet food companies.

Freshpet Food

Freshpet Food

The quality and safety of pet food is of the utmost importance to Freshpet, and they work hard to ensure that every ingredient, from the time it enters to the time it leaves the Kitchens in a Freshpet meal is safe and healthy for pets.

Each Freshpet batch is checked to ensure that packaging, cook time and temperature have exceeded our standards, and no meals leave our Kitchens without being checked for harmful bacteria or foreign material. All of these practices and more allowed the Freshpet Kitchens to earn a Safe Quality Food Level 3 Certification for three years in a row, the highest honor of its kind.


Freshpet helps 30 very deserving pets celebrate the holiday season with a Freshpet feast. Freshpet has donated over 2 million meals to date.


Freshpet Foods are Easy to Store and Serve

Freshpet is refrigerated foods need to be kept in the refrigerator from the moment they arrive home, while Freshpet Fresh Baked can be stored in the pantry as you would with other shelf-stable baked goods.

Because all Freshpet meals are 100% complete and balanced, they are all ready to serve straight from the bag or roll to your pets bowl. Simply follow the feeding guidelines to determine how much to feed your dog or cat. Remember not to leave your pet is fresh food out for too long if it is refrigerated. Freshpet recommends leaving it out no longer than a few hours.

Once opened, most Freshpet foods and treats are good from 2-14 days depending upon their form. Please check the package for specific instructions.









How Freshpet is Different than Processed Foods

Pets have sensitive palettes and stomachs just like people. So can you imagine what it must be like for them to eat nothing but processed foods every day?

For more than 70 years, there were only two forms of food available for most pets: wet dog food and cat food in cans or overly processed kibbles. Freshpet decided to change the status-quo and bring fresh food for pets to the table.

Fresh foods are gently cooked, rather than over processed.

Most other pet foods are cooked up to three or four times at extremely high temperatures to make them last on the shelf for years. Freshpet only cooks their food and treats once at lower temperatures to help retain essential nutrients.

Freshpet recipes are also made with fresh, all-natural ingredients that are never pre-cooked like those used in most processed foods. Most kibble uses rendered chicken meal, which is cooked into a fine powder at extremely high temperatures. This cooking process causes the chicken to lose many of the key nutrients dogs and cats need. And, Freshpet meals include ingredients you can actually see like cranberries, carrots, peas, and fresh chicken.

Warning: Freshpet may make your senior dog act like a puppy again, too.




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Freshpet roasted chicken a healthy recipe. Available at Amazon!

Freshpet Care

Look at your pet’s food. A Smell it, look at the expiration date, examine it closely, and do not hesitate to call the company to see if there are any other complaints or recalls.

Freshpet Reviews

Freshpet Dog Food

Freshpet foods are packed refreshing as well as must be offered accordingly. Similar to the refrigerated meals that people eat, “Pet parents” need to make sure that buy and helping is inside expiration date.

Freshpet Dog Food

Freshpet Healthy Food for your Pets!

Fresh Pet is a company that has at its heart a single mission is to improve the health and well-being of dogs and cats by feeding them healthy and natural foods. That means no fillers, preservatives, by-products, or chemicals; just wholesome, fresh, locally grown goodness!


Freshpet Healthy Food

Freshpet Dog Food Review!

Freshpet Dog Food! The only dog food my picky dog will eat!


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Freshpet Reviews:

We hope you’ll see why Fresh food is best for your pet. But don’t just take our word for it. See what other pet parents are saying about Fresh pet food:

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  1. Soon after my Jaguar got sick, he was put on a diet recommended by his vet. As expected, he hated it. To help him eat better, I starting looking for other options. I wanted to ensure that he got a healthy diet that would not cause him to develop crystals again. He loves Freshpet food so much that it is practically his favorite now, keeping him healthy and happy for the past 16 months. With such a positive change in his health, I can’t recommend this food enough. He loves the food so much that he sits by the fridge and sometimes even tries to open the door himself. Thanks to the low ash content and lesser number of by products in Freshpet food, we are now able to offer Jaguar something better than just canned food. Even though he doesn’t exactly hate canned food, but we realized he was craving something that had more texture and substance to it. For Jaguar, it was love at first bite!

  2. After my 8-year old Yorkie-Poo suddenly died, her sister, a 9-year old Yorkie-Poo, went into depression and refused to eat or drink anything. We tried several different products and spent hundreds of dollars to try and get her to eat something but she just wouldn’t eat. As far as the water went, we were feeding her that through a syringe, but food, she had to eat herself. We came across Freshpet products and decided to give it a try. To our surprise, SHE LOVED FRESHPET! Did I mention she totally LOVED it? In the past few days, I have witnessed such enthusiasm, she now practically runs to her bowl. She misses her sister a lot, but we are finally glad she is eating properly and is on her way to becoming healthier and happier.

  3. Not one or two but all three of my dogs love Freshpet. Mitzi Lou, who is 14, is diabetic and she needs to have shots every 12 hours. It was a nightmare to get her the right kind of food and then I discovered Freshpet and everything changed. She’s been a Freshpet baby for a year now and we give her different recipes of yours and she’s doing great. My other two babies, Susie Q and Bambi Lynn are Freshpet babies too.

  4. I am the proud parent of a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Roo. Ever since she was a puppy, Roo has been sensitive to dust allergies, fear based aggression, grass and now diabetes. Needless to say, it was terrible news for all of us. Finding the right food for our diabetic Roo was tough. We gave her everything available for diabetic dogs but she hated them all. She lost weight, about 7 pounds. Her fur started to fall and it was just awful. So we decided to give her Freshpet Vital. Well what can I say, she ate the whole bowl in 5 minutes. I guess I don’t need to tell you that for us it’s only Freshpet from now on. Her fur is growing back and she isn’t losing any more weight. We’re over the moon for getting back our Roo. Thank you Freshpet for all that you’ve done for our baby.

  5. – I’ve had Angel, a Chihuahua mix, for about 11 years now. Angel from day one has been a very picky eater. I’ve done my best to get her to eat both dry and wet to make her happy but nothing impressed Angel. Last week she had to get 8 of her teeth removed, it was an infection. So now I was looking for soft food so that Angel wouldn’t have to chew too much. Went out shopping and saw a bag which said fresh ingredients and no preservatives. So I decided to give it a try. I thought she’d at least eat it once since it was something new. But boy was I wrong. I just got her another roll and finally both of us have something delicious to look forward to.

  6. My Gorgeous George is a 9 year old cat. I adopted him from a local animal shelter. Gorgeous was not the ideal pet to adopt since he would scratch and bite. He was also not suited for the barn cat program since he had injuries on his hip and hind legs and couldn’t walk too well. When Gorgeous George came into my life, he was skinny and overall in bad shape but a great cat nevertheless since he walks with me to the barn every day. He also likes sitting on my keyboard or lap and purr away. Initially I couldn’t figure out what he liked to eat so just fed him canned chicken. One day shopping at Whole Foods I saw Freshpet. That was the ticket. George loves Freshpet and not just him but my 17 year old Lily, another cat, loves it too. When he first came, he was Gorgeous in name only, now he’s truly Gorgeous with a shiny coat, and a healthy weight. I thank you Freshpet for doing what you do and all the care that you put into making your food.
    Love from Christie and G. George

  7. With Vital Raw Complete meals you don’t have to worry about your pup getting a complete and balanced diet. Our Ransom has been on Freshpet ever since she was 9 weeks old and now she is 7 months old. Her health impresses her vet too. She loves the food and we love the fact that it’s good for her too. Feeding Ransom round nuggets is convenient too. I want other parents to enjoy the many benefits of Freshpet’s Vital Complete and that is why I say that you guys need to make this with different meat combinations too.

  8. I am the owner of a rescue Falkor the Pekingese that suffered from repeated and equally horrible seizures. The seizures happened every six to eight weeks. At the time Falkor was eating Beneful Dog Food. Soon after, I decided to switch to another brand, Freshpet, along with some other changes in his diet and routine. The food switch has helped him a lot. He now always looks forward to eating and seems to be much happier and healthier. Thank you Freshpet for your wonderful food!

  9. Being the owner of five cats and one small dog, I am no stranger to pet food, their quality, ingredients and recipes. For more than five years, I used to give my pets, homemade raw food since it’s healthy and cheap. But as I got busier with work, I decided to start buying a raw fresh food diet for my pets, since that meant less time in the kitchen, and more time spent with my pets. After trying other raw food brands, I went for Freshpet Vital and lucky me, everyone loved it! Two of my cats are Siamese, one is Siamese-mix. One of them is a very picky eater along with a sensitive tummy. But it’s good to see that he actually gets super excited at meal times and eats faster than the others now. Also, he has not had any stomach issues either, something I was worried about when switching to Freshpet.

  10. – I adopted a pug, Willie, seven years ago. Anyone who owns a pug would know that their favorite activity besides sleeping is eating. But Willie has always been a very picky eater. I have tried several kinds of food in hopes that he would find them delicious. Before I started him on Freshpet, he had all kinds of issues with excessive scratching, eyes and energy levels. I realized that all these problems boiled down to the fact that I had been feeding him food that was absolute junk. After a few Freshpet meals, his eyes cleared up, he has started running around like crazy and the uncontrollable scratching has stopped. It is great to know that someone finally figured out how our fur babies need to eat just as well as we do and that it does make a noted difference in them. I love this food for pets so much that I’ve been going around distributing Freshpet samples to my friends and family as well. And practically everyone I have given a sample to has switched to Freshpet. Not only are Freshpet products pretty amazing, but the company is awesome as well!

  11. – Don’t even ask how much I love Freshpet! My Lola is an adorable Havanese dog that is one big picky eater. SO what could a loving mother do other than try different brands to make Lola happy. Someone told me about Freshpet and did some research on it and decided to give it a go. It had to be the fresh ingredients that Freshpet uses in their food that made me try it. The moment I put beef and bison recipe before Lola, it was gone, just like that! Now Lola can’t wait for her meal times. The thing is I make sure that my family eats a balanced diet which is full of fruits and vegetables, so why should Lola eat different?
    Thank you Freshpet!

  12. I own three beautiful Chihuahuas who developed a severe itching problem. After trying different pet food brands, I finally made my way to the local Petsmart and grabbed Freshpet’s Vital from the refrigerator section. Within 2 weeks, my dogs were no longer itching; in fact they love it more than any other kind of food. They get really excited when they see me pulling the bag out of the refrigerator. The food smells wonderful, pretty much like something that even I would want to eat. I prefer fresh and healthy ingredients, and the fact that it’s wheat free, I really can’t imagine switching to another brand.

  13. About a year and a half ago, we adopted an incredible little kitten. For two months straight, the poor thing was a victim of terrible diarrhea. We tried all different kinds of foods, both dry and wet, and even diet plans subscribed by the vet. After having tried practically everything, I came across a Freshpet Select pack and bought it for my kitten. Within 24 hours of feeding the fresh food diet to her, I noticed her stools were solid, more than they had ever been. We hoped that eventually her digestion problem would go away but as soon as we try to switch to another brand, her digestion issues start to reappear. We don’t know what we would have done without Freshpet! In addition to curing her diarrhea, she looks better too. Her long coat is all shiny and pretty and she doesn’t shed much hair now. All in all, she is a very happy kitty now, thank you so much Freshpet!!!

  14. I’ve got 3 Bernese Mountain Dogs. At the recommendation of our local pet store owner, I’ve started to feed them Vital. I’d been feeding a different brand which has now started to add chicken to their recipe. With latest regulations you never know where the chicken is coming from. I’m happy to report that my Bernese babies are doing great and they LOVE Vital.

  15. I’ve a 4 year old pug who’s been a sick dog all her life. She used to vomit, suffer from major hair loss, and had rashes all over the skin. Really bad stuff. I thought it was food allergies, so I changed her diet; practically tried everything out there. But nothing changed. So I had her examined and found out that a fungus had taken over her digestive track. Whatever I fed her was actually being eaten by the fungus. I started her on Freshpet because it is grain free and low on carbs. This was done to starve the fungus. All it took was just 1 month of Freshpet – no more vomiting, full of energy and bye bye yeasty body odor! Freshpet saved my pug’s life – My baby’s on Freshpet now and forever.

  16. We got Tiger (a cat) 8 years ago when he was only 4 months old. His bowel movement wasn’t right, so we took him to the vet and he said that it was diarrhea and gave him dewormer. We switched foods as well but he never had a solid bowel movement. We also changed vets, but not a single one of them could figure out what was wrong with Tiger. They advised surgeries but couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with Tiger. I did my own research and was convinced that it was IBS/IBD. My neighbor advised putting Tiger on raw meat only diet, but Tiger hated it. Came across Freshpet Vital in the frozen food section and decided to give it a shot. For 2 weeks Tiger was on 50% Vital and 50% cat food. Immediately noticed him having completely solid bowels.

  17. We came across Freshpet by accident at our local Target store. It was the fresh ingredients that caught our eye. Daisy, our dog, has always been a picky eater. Whenever we would put down her bowl, we’d feel as if she’s saying “are you guys serious?” But Freshpet changed that. Now as soon as we put down her bowl, she immediately gobbles it. And it has been happening for some time now. It makes us feel good to know that what she is eating now is actually good for her.

    This is not to gross you out but her “yard treats” have become more firmer.

  18. Both my dogs had vomiting and diarrhea. Thanks to a Freshpet diet, they now seem much healthier than they ever were before. Since I stopped feeding them the canned food diet and got them on this Freshpet diet, they shed less too. Even my vet is pretty impressed with your premises and how clean the production process is. He recommended that I keep feeding Dixie and Rebel Freshpet. The food is really good – I actually tasted it! Overall, it has been a great choice for both my dogs. I got a pack of the new chicken dinner to try for my dogs from Freshpet and they loved it! I love Freshpet!!

  19. We have a 12-year old chocolate Labrador named Yankee. He has been getting 2 40cc insulin shots every day. His diabetes was not stable and he was very lethargic and lifeless. Among other things, Yankee was also overweight. His numerous problems kept us wondering how long he would actually be with us. We have had him on Freshpet food for 3 years now. He still needs his insulin shots but his blood sugar is pretty stable now. Freshpet food has changed Yankee! He now acts like a puppy. He has even lost the 18lbs that he needed to lose. We owe his amazing transformation to Freshpet! Thank you for saving our dog Freshpet!

  20. I have fed my dog Sebastian Freshpet chicken with vegetables and brown rice for the past four weeks, and he has been as happy as a dog could be! Sebastian is an 8 year old male dog, who was very lazy and used to get nauseous at the sight of digested dog food. He was unhappy and had no energy at all! He had been diagnosed with a slightly sensitive digestive system and was prescribed pre-digested food for his meals. Now thanks to switching to Freshpet 4 weeks ago, he is completely changed – frisky and eager to eat. He scampers off for his walk, acts like a happy puppy again! We had absolutely no trouble with changing his food either, no need to blend his old and new foods to make the change easier. Sebastian says thanks too, many times over! Thank you Freshpet for the all natural fresh pet food!

  21. I tried Freshpet food with my dog once, and never looked back. This diet quickly became her favorite food and it is all she eats now. She also loves your treats. I love how she gets super excited at meal times and seems healthier too, since I started giving her this diet. Thank you for the wonderful meals for my beloved pet Roxie!

  22. I am the pet parent of Cairn Terriers, who have recently turned 12 and in the past year, they have started being super picky. I then began searching for Freshpet diets as my niece also uses it.

    I talked to my vet about it and told him that my dogs prefer soft food rather than kibbles and that they were literally eating nothing at all, making me worried. She told me to go ahead and try the Freshpet wet foods. I gave it to them and they literally ate the whole thing in seconds.
    I had tried chicken wieners before this and they loved them so much, that I felt safe trying this roasted chicken diet from Freshpet.
    Thank you so much Freshpet!

  23. Here is a small note of gratitude for Freshpet for creating such an amazing product. We fostered and later adopted an elderly and ill Chihuahua from our local shelter. He had no bottom jaw or teeth. My friend, Laura, suggested that we use your product. To say that it made a difference is an understatement. When he came to us, he weighed only 1.9lbs. He gained almost 3 pounds after we started using your product. His coat became shinier and his skin health improved tremendously. Freshpet, combined with lots of tender loving care, a warm king sized bed and proper medical care improved his quality of life tremendously.

  24. I tried feeding my st. Bernards different kinds of dog foods, including prescription dog foods as well. Everything made them sick. After trying everything, I decided to start cooking their food myself. But cooking for 2 st. Bernanrds is not an easy task. I ended up having to cook a lot of food. It would be something like, 10 pounds of chicken, two large boxes of rice, three cans of pineapples, three cans of green beans and a pack of carrots. And all of this, every two days. When we came across Freshpet products at BJ’s, we decided to give it a try. We didn’t think it would work, so we gave the dogs a little bit at a time and noticed that they were eating it pretty happily. Both the dogs love this new food and it doesn’t make them sick. And the best part is that I don’t have to cook loads of food in the kitchen. Love you guys! You are the best! After three long years of searching for the right kind of food, we have finally found you!

  25. I have two cats that absolutely LOVE your Roasted Select Chicken – it is my GO TO food every time they stop eating anything else. My problem kitty, who is an old foster failure, requires a lot of care and personal attention. That is why we never allow her to leave because she has a chronic condition that would kill her if a great deal of care and attention is not given. My other kitty, the younger one, is healthier but a VERY picky eater. At times BOTH will gobble your product down quickly because that is how much they love Freshpet!

  26. My 4 pound Yorkie, Pluto, loves your food. He used to love Freshpet wet recipes, but now he loves the dry ones as well. He just started eating his dry foods that I got from Meijer. Then I bought this Freshpet food because he seemed to like wet foods from Freshpet in particular. Now he likes both of these Freshpet products a lot. It is all he will eat. He is a very picky eater. This Freshpet diet helps him eat, stay healthy and active. I have managed to get Freshpet foods from Meijer, Walmart, Target and Petco. It is certainly the best kind of food I could give to my dog. Number 1.

  27. I have a three legged Chihuahua, named Princess. Freshpet has made life so much easier for me by making the perfect diet. She is now much more active, after having eaten your food for almost 2.5 years. She just couldn’t be happier! I was chasing her around the house and I got worn out before she did! I am a college student, so being outrun by a three legged Chihuahua is a difficult thing to digest. I definitely lost tag with this one.

  28. My dog LOVES Freshpet dog food! I like the fact that I can pick it up at Walmart. However, they only carry chicken. I tried switching my dog to another food, relatively drier, grain and gluten free but she doesn’t seem THAT excited about it, as she does about Freshpet. I would love to order other recipes of yours, can I do it online on your website? Or is there a way to get my local store to carry more than the chicken recipe?

  29. My dog Aponi loves your products. I give all four of my dogs Freshpet treats (I call them sausages) and they just love them! I appreciate the fact that they don’t have food colors like other treats.

  30. Both my cats absolutely love your food! Every time they hear the refrigerator open, they are right there, hoping I grab the pack of Freshpet food. Thank you so much for creating a delicious product that my pets want this much and one that I feel good about feeding them too!

  31. Dear Freshpet,
    I have a long hair dapple dauchand who is almost 20 years old. He is old and only has eleven teeth on one side of his mouth which requires him to be hand fed. At the pet store, the manager recommended Freshpet food for my dog. After he started eating Freshpet, I’ve seen a remarkable difference in him. He enjoys his food, is healthy, drinks more water, and has more energy.
    Thank you so much for improving the quality of my dog’s life. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible for a food to be able to do so much. Freshpet foods are truly incredible.

  32. Dear Freshpet,
    We recently found a stray hunting beagle in the country and took her to the vet. It was found that Faith had many health issues including heart worms. In order to help her recover, we decided to feed her Freshpet Select. Now, after only a few months, she looks like a new, healthy dog! She has put on weight, has loads of energy, and no longer suffers from any of the health issues she was found with.
    Freshpet has a lot to do with that. Thank you for your incredible foods!

  33. Dear Freshpet,
    We recently adopted a senior shelter dog who had horrible skin allergies. The vet prescribed a very specific diet for him but that seemed to make his allergies worse. Finally, we came across Freshpet Vital at our local Petco. Our dog Dex absolutely loves the food! It has been six weeks since we started feeding him Freshpet and his skin, appetite, and personality have improved so much!
    Thank you so much for helping us provide the best quality foods to our senior dog.

  34. Dear Freshpet,
    My 8 ½ year old French bulldog has suffered from stomach problems, gas, and food allergies her whole life. I decided to give Freshpet Vital a try in the hopes that her sensitive system would handle it well. In just a few feedings, it was clear what a difference Freshpet was making for her. She would gobble down her food as soon as it was set down and she no longer has any digestive problems.
    For anyone whose pet has sensitivities, I wholeheartedly recommend Freshpet. Thank you so much for making this amazing product!

  35. My 6 year old pug gets the worst skin allergies. While feeding your pets healthy food is necessary, it is even more important for pets with skin allergies. I don’t there’s a dog food in the market which I haven’t fed to my dog. The first few days are ok but she eventually becomes allergic to them all. Freshpet was the only exception. She’s been on Freshpet for over a year now and she loves it and there are no allergies. Thanks Freshpet for making such great food which is also affordable. Love Lucy and I!

  36. My 13 year old Princess is a mini Maltese. She has always been a picky eater and I have to break her food into small bites. Given the fact that she has only 4 frontal teeth now, this makes my job even harder. Soft food is good but it’s not the best choice for her. Thank God I found Freshpet since it is easy to cut into small bite pieces, plus Freshpet doesn’t have the typical soft dog food smell either. Since Princess is getting a balanced diet now, she is also less thirsty and lethargic.

  37. One fine day, my 14 year old cocker spaniel decided not to eat anymore, just like that. She would eat only hand fed table food. She was lethargic, not much was going in and not much was coming out either. The vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her either. My biggest worry was that I would have to feed her table foods only and really worried about her future. I started looking for a dog food which was the closest to table food and found Freshpet. What can I say, she went crazy after having the first meal. Within days, she was back to her normal self. Freshpet did the trick. Thank you Freshpet for giving me my baby back!

  38. Dear Freshpet,
    My dog Max is 15 months old. Since I got him a little over a year ago, I have struggled to find a dog food he would eat. Feeding Max has always been a challenge that involved hand feeding, tempting him with treats, mixing it with broth, and switching foods at least a few times a month. Often he would go without eating and become sick. After seeing Freshpet on TV, I finally decided to give it a try. I went to my local grocery store which luckily carries the brand, picked up a bag, brought it home and put some in his food bowl. Finally Max was excited to eat. If you are struggling to feed your dog, please try Freshpet. I know how frustrating it can be to have a dog that you have to beg to eat. Finally, I know what it’s like to have a dog who is excited to eat. Big thanks to the Freshpet crew! Max likely would have starved himself without you!

  39. Snowball is 12 and was going downhill fast. She refused to eat her dry food and would not touch any of the canned foods either. I even tried several raw diets without any luck. She was practically a skeleton when I decided to give Freshpet a try. She loves this food! Within a month, she had filled out and had her old energy back. Now, six months on Freshpet, she acts like a puppy again. She is fluffier than ever before, has tons of energy, and eagerly asks for her meals every time.

  40. Our Westie a 13 year old dog is one picky eater. He is so finicky that he often vomits what he had eaten. He started dropping weight fast and there was nothing the vet could do. I heard about Freshpet on the radio and decided to give it a try. It worked. Westie now cleans his bowl and as a result his coat is shinier and softer, his eyes are brighter. We can’t thank Freshpet enough. It had gotten so bad before that we were thinking of putting Westie down. Thanks again!

  41. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t too sure about Freshpet, so I started out with a small portion, thinking that Chloe would probably eat for a day or two and then turn away from it. Wrong! She loved it and still loves it. Her diarrhea is gone too, which I thought would never happen. Thank you for making Chloe happy!

  42. We have a 5 year old Australian Labradoodle Sam. He’s the best dog one can ever wish for and therefore it broke my heart to see him walk away from his food. Sam basically hates canned and dry foods. Getting up every morning, the first thought on my mind was what am I gonna feed Sam today. I cooked for him. I have arthritis and so it was very hard for me to cook food for him daily and plus it was expensive too. In 2013 we discovered Freshpet Select and decided to introduce Sam to Freshpet. One word – LOVE! Sam loves it and our lives are a lot easier now. It’s not cheap but since Sam loves it, we’re ok with it. So thank you Freshpet – Marcella DeGruchy

  43. Dear Freshpet,
    Seven years ago, my toy poodle contracted a serious case of pancreatitis. Ever since then, I began cooking him home cooked meals. He had always been a picky eater and he frequently had tummy problems so fresh food seemed like the best choice for him. Soon, he stopped eating the foods that I was making for him. That’s when I decided to try Freshpet. Now, he’s cleaning his plate at every meal and his health has improved so much! Thank you for such an exceptional product! It really has improved his quality of life.

  44. Dear Freshpet,
    I have a two year old Shih-Poo named Jazz. She has always been a picky eater and I had tried numerous different types of foods for her including dry, canned, and even home cooked meals. For a very short period of time she ate a little bit of the home cooked food, but eventually that stopped as well. She was literally starving herself to death and I was so worried that we were going to lose her.
    One of my family members brought over Freshpet for Jazz to eat. I wasn’t very hopeful but I was willing to give it a try.
    From the first bite, Jazz loved it. I got more Freshpet products in beef and chicken and watched as her appetite grew. It has been two months since she first tried Freshpet and she has been through an incredible transformation.
    Today, she is happy, healthy, playful, and energetic. She has also come up to a health body weight.
    Freshpet saved her life, and for that, I want to thank you so much. I can’t imagine a life without her, and because of Freshpet, I don’t have to.

  45. Dear Freshpet,
    I want to tell you the story of how Freshpet saved my cat’s life. Three years ago, we adopted her from a shelter. After four months, she started to dramatically lose weight, despite the fact that she was still eating. This continued for two and a half years, during which time we took her to multiple vets to try to figure out what was wrong with her. They did blood work and numerous tests on her but still couldn’t find out what was causing her condition.
    I was terrified I was going to lose her at any minute. She was so thin I could see and feel all of her bones sticking out. She would also go through weird episodes were she would start drooling and be unable to stand or walk.
    One day when we were out of town, by neighbor who was looking after my cat fed her the same food she used for her own cats, Freshpet Select. My cat responded very well to this food and we started feeding her solely Freshpet.
    In the last six weeks, she’s finally put on weight and she no longer suffers from her episodes. I truly believe that she is alive today due to Freshpet. Thank you so much!

  46. Dear Freshpet,
    One of my dogs suffers from really bad allergies which cause him to break out into sores all over his body. He itches at them furiously and it only makes matters worse. Once I switched him over to Freshpet, his allergies subsided. He no longer itches or breaks out after eating. Thank you so much for this product! Because of Freshpet we no longer have to run to the vet all the time or keep trying different pet foods.

  47. Dear Freshpet,
    My dog was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and I needed to find a pet food brand which was free of all preservatives and harmful additives. That’s when I came across Freshpet at the store. Ever since I started feeding him Freshpet, his condition has improved so much! He also loves the taste of the food and gobbles it all down. Thank you Freshpet!

  48. Max is 15 months old and one of the pickiest eaters ever. It has always been hard for me to feed him. I’ve changed brands, food types, mixed his food with broth, hand fed him, given him treats, in short I’ve tried every trick in the book but nothing worked. He would go without food, losing weight, worrying me even more. I saw Freshpet’s on TV and decided to buy it. I wish I had known earlier, Max simply loved it. My message for all pet parents out there is, if you have a picky eater, simply try Freshpet. I know how it is when you have a picky eater at home. I just want to thank Freshpet because if it weren’t for you, Max would have probably starved himself.

  49. Switching dog foods wasn’t working for my 2 pugs, they kept getting upset stomach. And dog food recalls don’t help either. I’ve always been suspicious that it’s the food that messes up their stomach. Anyway, for us only the fresh and all-American dog food works. We’d been hearing good things about Freshpet, so decided to go with the brand. Freshpet Vital was the first Freshpet recipe we bought and the 2 loved it. We saw a complete transformation within a few weeks. My pugs were healthier, energetic, and playful. Before they were mostly sleepy, and chubby with upset tummies. For us switching to another brand is not even an option anymore.

  50. I have a dog who is allergic to fish and chicken and we have tried a whole bunch of different dog food brands, both wet and dry, without much success. That is when we decided to give Freshpet food a try and to our pleasant surprise, she absolutely LOVES it! She howls excitedly when she sees the food being sliced up for her and then consumes it so fast that it practically looks like she is inhaling it. She even licks the bowl and the entire surrounding area completely clean, every single time. With all the different food brands we have tried for her, this is the one that agrees with her system the best. She seems very content with her meals!

  51. I have a very clever Shih Tzu who can tell Freshpet food apart from other foods. My grandma would mix dry food with his Freshpet and he would just simply eat around it. Because of his size and the breed, the poor guy ends up having some trouble with his hind legs. When I give him Freshpet food, I see a visible difference in his health and overall strength. He seems to be more enthusiastic, playful and happy with his food. Around meal times, he would even come up to me and bounce around until I follow him and then he would lead me to the fridge and nod his head, asking me to get him his favorite food

  52. I adopted my first dog right after she wandered up to me in Thailand and collapsed at my feet from severe malnutrition. Literally two more days and she would have died. In the next few months, I decided to bring her back into good shape to ensure a safe journey to the US. It was not easy since she had numerous serious health problems such as cerebral palsy, beef allergies and ehrlichiosis. Now she is in a much better shape thanks to Freshpet food. Even though I can’t do much about her disability, I spoil her rotten with the best kind of food there is. The problem I faced initially with feeding her was that she grew up eating scrap and garbage and couldn’t recognize dog food when it was given to her. I tried kibble, wet food, canned food and practically every other brand there is, but she just didn’t show any interest in food. I picked up Freshpet on pure chance and to my surprise, she LOVES it. It is good for her health, saves time and money and most importantly, keeps the most spoiled dog in California very happy!

  53. When my dog, Murphy, reached 12 years of age, he lost his appetite for some odd reason. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. I tried a large number of different food brands and he wouldn’t eat anything, until he was practically starving. A friend of mine who happened to own a senior dog as well suggested Freshpet to me. I gave this new fresh food diet a try and to my luck, Murphy started eating again. He is now 13 years old and stronger than ever. I love this diet for him so much that I am never going to force him to eat anything else!

  54. My Abbie Girl is an old but how many old dogs impress their vets? This is all because of Freshpet Select roasted meals. The vet can’t believe how shiny her coat is and how great she looks. I’ve told all my friends and colleagues about Freshpet. I am so happy that Abbie Girl only eats fresh and healthy food.

  55. I am so lucky to have found your food since both my dogs are very picky eaters and this is the one food that they love to eat. In addition to that, this food has helped one of my dogs with his allergies as well. He now no longer scratches obsessively or has dry flakey skin. It is such a relief to know that I won’t have to give the little guy medicine after meal times to ensure he does not have an allergic reaction. Lastly, I love the fact that Freshpet food is affordable and high quality at the same time – kind of makes it the perfect feed for these furry members of the family!

  56. My cat Tupper started having seizures at the age of 10. Till then he had been eating dry canned food. After the seizures started he wouldn’t eat any of his favorite foods. I was frantically trying to find something he would eat. And that’s when I came across Freshpet Select and thought that it might be worth a try. To my delight, he started eating as soon as I put some in a bowl, after mildly warming it. After a week of eating nothing but Freshpet food, he has gotten a lot better and has not had seizures. I truly believe it’s due to this food. The ingredients are amazing and I would tell people to definitely buy this food for their four legged friends. Sincerely, Soozie.

  57. My husky Grace has become quite finicky as she has gotten older. She’ll eat a particular food one day and then the next day, she’ll turn her nose up at it. Freshpet Select is sold only at a store 30 minutes from our home, but for her, I’d go the extra distance. She loves this food! I love the fact that it’s made in the USA, because I read the labels on everything for my girl.

  58. I’ve been feeding my two-year-old picky eater spaniel Fresh Pet ever since I adopted him from the shelter. Needless to say, my dog loves it.

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