Freshpet uses fresh ingredients, unlike processed pet foods.

Freshpet is proud to use fresh, all natural ingredients that are locally sourced throughout the USA. Each day, wholesome ingredients like fresh meats and poultry, grains, and fruits and vegetables are delivered to the Freshpet Kitchens. The Freshpet team takes care in selecting only ingredients that are all-natural and good for pets, never any fillers, by-products, or other ingredients your dog or cat does not need.

In every pound of Freshpet food, you will find:

  1. At least 12 ounces animal protein, like chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, or egg.
  2. Locally-sourced produce like fresh carrots, peas or cranberries.
  3. 18 essential vitamins and minerals to keep pups and kitties as their best.
  4. Never any fillers, by-products or ingredients you can’t pronounce.

All Freshpet recipes start with fresh meats like chicken, beef, lamb or salmon. Fresh meats are high in amino and fatty acids, which help keep dogs and cats lean, strong, and full of energy. Our meats are never pre-cooked, unlike many processed pet foods. We then add fresh fruits and veggies that are high in fiber and antioxidants. Finally, some of our recipes contain easily-digestible grains in small amounts. We choose wholesome grains for these recipes like brown rice – never wheat, corn, or wheat gluten.Save








Freshpet food uses no chemicals or artificial preservatives.

In all Freshpet foods, Freshpet never uses chemicals or artificial preservatives. All Freshpet meals and treats are stocked fresh, with a Sell-By date that is weeks away, not years.

Just like the meals you cook at home, Freshpet meals and treats need to be refrigerated to stay fresh naturally. These meals and treats are kept cool from the moment they are made to the day they arrive at our refrigerators in your local market.

It’s real food, and that’s why we make it the same way we make our own. So find Freshpet in the pet aisle fridge and know you are getting the freshest, most nutritious food available for your pet.


Here are just a few of the benefits of Freshpet:

Better Digestion

Natural enzymes in fresh foods means better absorption of key nutrients, which is easier on the tummy.

A shiny, soft skin and coat

High quality, fresh animal proteins provide more essential amino acids and fatty acids to keep your pup or kitty’s coat shiny and soft, and to prevent dry skin and shedding.

More energy

No heavy fillers and preservatives to make them sluggish, just highly digestible natural food for maximum benefit, and maximum energy.

Relief from common food allergies

Simple recipes, single protein sources, and no fillers make our foods an ideal choice for pets suffering from allergens.

Healthy weight

High protein meals dense in amino acids and other nutrients help build lean muscle, while the great taste helps pets reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Perfect for Picky Eaters

Fresh meat, chicken and fish, yummy veggies with flavor profiles straight from Freshpet chef’s make it simply irresistible to pets.

Freshpet helps 30 very deserving pets celebrate the holiday season with a Freshpet feast. Freshpet has donated over 2 million meals to date.









Freshpet Vital: For those seeking unique proteins and GMO-free sourcing

Freshpet Vital is for those looking for GMO-free options and even more unique proteins, like bison and lamb. There are plenty of exciting and delicious recipes available for picky eater pups, such as Vital® Balanced Nutrition Chicken Dog Food Recipe with Peas, Carrots & Brown Rice. It’s easy to Find Freshpet near you.

Pets and parents are flipping for fresh. Here's why:

On Freshpet’s Facebook page and in Freshpet Reviews it is easy to see why so many pets love fresh food:

Freshpet Dog Food contains a host of healthy and nutritious ingredients which are great for your dog!
These pages are full of stories about happier pets from around the country, enjoying the transformational benefits of a wholesome Freshpet diet.

The Freshpet team truly believes that a diet of fresh pet food can be life changing. And though our pets can’t tell you, you can actually see the proof in their shinier, softer coats and increased energy levels.

It all comes down to a simple idea: If we feel better when we eat fresher, healthier foods without preservatives, so will our dogs and cats. That’s why we only use fresh locally sourced meats, produce, and grains. They are rich in natural enzymes that help pets digest and absorb nutrients. This also means less waste and fewer stomach upsets.

All Freshpet food is cooked slowly at low temperatures to lock in all of their nutrients. The results are delicious, highly digestible meals that pack a nutritious punch. Which makes a huge difference in the health of your pet that you can see and feel.

And when you see what pet parents are saying about Freshpet, you will understand why we say our proof is in the pets.


Freshpet is different than processed foods.

Many pets have sensitive palettes and stomachs, just like people. So can you imagine what it must be like for them to eat nothing but processed foods every day!

For more than 70 years, there were only two forms of food available for most pets: wet dog food and cat food in cans, or overly processed kibble. Freshpet decided to change the status-quo and bring fresh food for pets to the table.

Fresh foods are gently cooked, rather than over processed.

Most other pet foods are cooked up to three or four times at extremely high temperatures to make them last on the shelf for years. Freshpet only cooks their food and treats once at lower temperatures to help retain essential nutrients.

Freshpet recipes are also made with fresh, all-natural ingredients that are never pre-cooked like those used in most processed foods. Most kibble uses rendered chicken meal, which is cooked into a fine powder at extremely high temperatures. This cooking process causes the chicken to lose many of the key nutrients dogs and cats need. And, Freshpet meals include ingredients you can actually see like cranberries, carrots, peas, and fresh chicken.

Warning: Freshpet may make your senior dog act like a puppy again, too.




Freshpet Care Team

Look at your pet’s food. Smell it, look at the expiration date, examine it closely. Check the website for any maintenance at the shop you are buying your freshpet food. And do not hesitate to call the company to see if there are any other complaints or recalls.

Freshpet Dog Food

Freshpet foods are made fresh, and must be stored fresh, too. We maintain strict protocols for store managers to remove expired product from shelves, but similar to the refrigerated meals that people eat, pet parents should check the expiration date on every package before they buy.

Freshpet Dog Food Treats For Your Dogs

Freshpet Dog Food treats for your lovely dogs from the fridge. Watch the dogs jump for Dog Joy!

Like a home-cooked meal, just for your dog | Freshpet Review

The look, the smell, the taste of real ingredients are what we strive for in every batch of our food. 

Rudy the Picky Pug | Freshpet Select Commercial

Freshpet Reviews:

We hope you’ll see why Fresh food is best for your pet. But don’t just take our word for it. See what other pet parents are saying about Fresh pet food:

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