The Importance of Transparency in The Pet Food Industry

As the pet food industry continues to grow and develop, the importance of brands maintaining transparency in terms of their ingredients and processes has grown more than ever. While reasoning for the importance of maintaining transparency in the industry seems to vary from person to person, Freshpet reviews both consumer and brand behavior in order to evaluate why that level of transparency has increased in relevance over the past few years. In this article, Freshpet provides three reasons that transparency continues to be a growing practice that shows no evidence of slowing soon.

Pet Owners are More Knowledgeable than Ever

One prevailing trend seemingly responsible for the rise of transparency in the past few years is pet owners becoming more knowledgeable about the food that they provide to their pets. Freshpet reviews the research practices of pet owners and acknowledges that they are much more likely to research pet food options online before making a purchase than in the past and are becoming increasingly aware of what to look for in relation to listed ingredients. For example, consumers are on the look out for whole versions of proteins, vegetables, fruits, and grains on labels and are becoming knowledgeable of the terms that refer to chemical ingredients and filler meant to replicate all-natural ingredients.

Transparency is Good for Trust

Related to the trend of pet owners becoming more knowledgeable of the food that they provide for their pets, pet owners are similarly growing more distrustful of brands that misrepresent their ingredients or are not transparent when issues or recalls arise. Including a clear list of ingredients and detailing the processes that go into creating the product gives consumers the ability to make informed decisions on pet food for their pets.

Different Pets Have Different Needs

Perhaps one of the largest reasons for the importance of transparency in the pet food industry is that transparency ultimately helps consumers find and purchase the best pet food options for their specific pet’s needs. Freshpet reviews the needs of multiple pets and utilizes its findings to specially formulate products for pets that require different parameters to stay healthy. Brands being transparent about nutrient contents and what groups of pets will best benefit from their offerings help to ensure that all our pets have access to the fresh food that will keep them happy and healthy.

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