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Freshpet Explains How to Protect Your Dog from Rapid Weight Gain

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Keep Track of Your Dog’s Weight

Freshpet acknowledges that, in some cases, dog owners are unsure what a healthy weight range is for their dog. While the internet is a great resource for approximations for what the ideal weight for your dog should be, a veterinarian is your best way to make a determination about your dog’s health. When you know what weight range is healthy for your individual dog, keep track of his or her health by weighing them periodically and keeping a mental or written record of your findings. If your dog is known to have conditions or complications that can lead to fluctuations in weight, consider weighing them more often for a better idea of how their health is trending.

Consider the Best Food for Your Dog’s Needs

Dogs of different breeds, sizes, and age ranges can have different dietary needs that should be considered when selecting the best food for maintaining their health. For example, smaller dogs often require more calories per pound than their larger counterparts and should have a food that keeps these needs in mind. Other dogs such as canine athletes or senior dogs, may need a high protein dog food to maintain their muscle mass and strength. When selecting the best food for your dog, it is also important to consider the quality of ingredients as it is paramount to maintaining their health and wellness. It can be tempting to select the cheapest or easiest to find option but consider how these facets factor into the quality of the ingredients and their processing.

Exercise with Your Dog Frequently

Freshpet knows that all dogs are different, and some simply require more exercise and stimulation than others in order to maintain their health. With that in mind, however, it is still important that dogs that are physically capable get frequent access to exercise as it has positive effects on both their physical and mental health. Walking dogs is a tried and true way to exercise them as it is flexible by nature. Experts recommend walking dogs between 30 minutes to two hours a day depending upon their exercise needs. And because you have the freedom to choose where to take them, you have the opportunity to make it a great exercise and bonding experience. Some dogs also respond well to supervised playtime in your yard or by active engagement with toys. Find what works for you and your dog to make sure that you both can keep up with the schedule.