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Freshpet reviews show us that the company’s approach to pet food is simple: they make fresh, real food for dogs and cats, much like the food we eat ourselves. Because Freshpet believes that if fresh food makes us feel better, it can make all the difference to the health of our pets.

It’s this philosophy that’s at the heart of every Freshpet Vital Raw meal made in the Freshpet Kitchens.

Freshpet recipes start with fresh, wholesome ingredients, just like the meals you make at home. Freshpet works with farms across the U.S.A. to find the freshest meats, grains and produce that best meet the nutritional needs of pets.

How Freshpet is prepared is just as important as the ingredients in their food and treats. Freshpet gently cooks the ingredients at lower temperatures, to retain more nutrients naturally. Freshpet foods are then quickly cooled to keep them fresh without chemical or artificial preservatives.

All Freshpet foods are refrigerated from the moment they are made to the time they’re served at home, ready to be gobbled down by furry families.