Freshpet is doing a great job of caring for pets!

I am so happy that I found your products at our local Target. My dog had stopped eating and was losing weight fast. He was becoming lethargic and wasn’t himself anymore. He absolutely hated the canned food that I gave him and it was an expensive brand. I bought different flavors thinking that he got bored of eating the same flavor but he was still not eating. Then I tried Freshpet; in the hindsight I should have bought Freshpet earlier, it would have saved me a lot of trouble. Freshpet was an instant hit with Tango. Tango is a happy dog again and I am even happier. Great job guys and keep up the good work.

My dogs are more energetic than ever before

I am a new customer of Freshpet dog food and I am very happy and satisfied so far. I have 3 dogs and they’re your biggest fans. Before Freshpet, they were on an expensive dry food but then I guess they got bored or something as they wouldn’t eat it anymore. So I mixed Freshpet in their bowl and they started eating again. They actually went nuts.

In the beginning I was a bit hesitant and apprehensive about a new diet, but now I really like it. My dogs are more energetic today than they’ve been ever before. They get excited for meal times now. After feeding Freshpet, I started doing research on your recipes and most of the reviews were positive, so I was at ease. I’ve always been picky about what my dogs can or cannot eat. Before Freshpet, I was buying dog food only from specialty pet stores but Freshpet is available at our local Target, therefore it saves me a lot of traveling too.

A Blessing! Freshpet Food - Freshpet Vital Grain free

I always used to believe that you can help your pet live a healthy, happy life no matter what comes your way. My belief has been strengthened ever since I’ve found Freshpet. I adopted a Beagle, who had lost her front teeth due to old age and neglect basically. As a result she couldn’t eat properly and therefore wasn’t of the right weight. Her health was suffering. I got Freshpet Vital Grain free for her and she eats like a grown up dog now, as if she has full set of teeth. She’s so fit now that she can outrun dogs half her age. Freshpet is simply awesome, it keeps my girl spunky.

Ultimate Challenge! Finding Perfect Food for Your Dog

Right so let me start off by thanking Target for carrying Freshpet and Freshpet Select for being at Target, lol! My dog Vinni had completely gone on a hunger strike. Nobody knew what had happened but he was not eating. Before anyone starts having ideas, I’ve only and always fed him high end brands which are made in the US. I simply don’t trust other brands. My first reaction was to change the flavors, so that he could eat the new food. I thought maybe he got bored. He didn’t eat properly for 2 whole months, which was very worrying. So one day at the Target shopping, I saw your brand. It said Made in the USA, which was enough to get me interested, so I got a pack to try. It was an instant hit with Vinni. Freshpet and Vinni are like best buddies now.

I switched over to Freshpet Food to Help My Itchy Dog!

Your recipes have been an absolute godsend for me. I have four special needs Bostons. I initially switched over to Freshpet when one of my dogs started to itch himself. He had a skin allergy which was aggravated due to artificial and harmful stuff in his food. So I switched him to fresh, natural and wholesome diet which is Freshpet. He immediately stopped itching. After seeing the results myself, I started buying Freshpet for the other 3 dogs too. Your food is very easy for them to chew on and you see the difference in a few days when you see thicker, shinier coats.

Great job Freshpet and thanks again!

Better Quality Protein In Freshpet Dog Food

The ultimate challenge for my boy Sam, my 3 year old Cairn Terrier, is to find the perfect dog food for him. Choosing from that aisle of processed dog foods, (and formulas, and chemicals) is overwhelming with each brand claiming itself to be the best. I tried so many of them, but he keep on gaining extra pounds.

After talking to so many other pet parents, I know that his current food is the culprit. How do I know? Because I reviewed the ingredient of all these products, and when i put him on that natural recipe of Freshpet products, (there are quite a few to try from), that i saw him to be so much more active and full of energy! Freshpet is packaged so that the vitamins and proteins are not lost to processing, which is exactly what he needed.  From that day, two years ago, to now, Sam’s an avid Freshpet lover. And so I can say with certainty that I strongly recommend this food, and keep rotating the different recipes until you find the best four that your dog will love.

Freshpet Select Chunky Beef

Freshpet Dog FoodFreshpet products specially “Freshpet Select Chunky Beef” is real wonderful and delicious because it’s  all natural pet food made with real beef. That is why she (and I) loves Freshpet Dog Food. Now I always feed my girl Freshpet dog food. She’s so healthy and thrilled to see her food, she goes crazy just to eat her meal now!

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