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Real Pet Food for Real Members of the Family

Freshpet reviews

Often, we hear pet owners talk about their dogs as “their babies” or as members of the family.  Owners are seen pushing their dogs down the street in strollers, walking their pets in fancy outfits, and loving them just like they were their own children. When you love your dogs this much, you want them to live long, healthy and happy lives, so why not feed them real pet food?  Many pet owners do not even realize that the food they feed their dogs is made up of mostly corn and gluten meal, meat by-products and powders, dyes, chemicals and other ingredients that are not fresh or living up to their nutritious potential.  Many dog food brands use these fillers and overly processed ingredients to make the meal seem like it meets nutrition requirements, when in reality many of the nutrients are lost by the time they reach your dog’s bowl.  Our family members deserve more than subpar food.


Real pet food is fresh and refrigerated!  Our all-natural dog food is packed with ingredients straight from the farm and stored right in your fridge, which as revealed in Freshpet reviews, is overwhelmingly important to our customers.  The food is made in the United States, so the ingredients are raised and grown closer to home.  Each ingredient has a focused role in enhancing the wellbeing of your canines.  While following regulations set by the USDA and FDA, Freshpet’s dog food ingredients are steamed, which helps retain nutrients.  Your dog will thoroughly enjoy his or her closer-to-nature meals that lead to easier digestion and the absorption of vitamins.


Each dog is unique, which means that a dog food brand that makes real pet food should offer a variety of options. We have many different lines of dog food for canines of all ages, such as Deli Fresh, Vital and Freshpet Select.  There are grain-free meals, along with foods containing a variety of meats.  Freshpet makes food that not only comes in rolls, but also as stews for the dog that prefers a different texture.  The ingredients will look so good you may forget it is dog food!


A fantastic feature of our website is the Product Selector.  Using this tool, online shoppers can enter data about their dogs, such as weight, breed, allergies and preferences, and Freshpet will immediately recommend specific dog food products.  Especially because there is such a large variety of Freshpet food available, this tool makes the selection process much easier, so your dog can enjoy fresh food faster!


Your dog is a real member of your family, so feed them real pet food.