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Times You May Decide to Feed Your Dog Fresh Food from Freshpet

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Our dogs truly are our best friends and, as is the case with best friends, we always want to ensure that we are doing right by them. One point we constantly evaluate as pet owners is our pet’s diet. Do they prefer kibble or wet food? Are there times where it makes more sense to feed them one over the other? Unfortunately for us, our pets cannot truly voice their concerns, and we must be the ones to make an educated decision on their behalf. Freshpet acknowledges the constant evaluation of eating habits that comes with owning a pet and hopes to help by explaining why it makes more sense to give your dog fresh food.

If Your Dog is a Picky Eater: Sometimes we don’t consider the effect that feeding the same dry food can have on our pets. Some pet owners with furry friends that are picky eaters find that providing them with fresh food helps assuage feeding difficulties. This is because, in many ways, fresh food appeals to dogs in ways that dry kibble or wet food loaded with additives may not. Freshpet knows that fresh food smells and feels more like its natural food source to your pet, and it is worth a try if you have a hard time getting him or her to eat.

If Your Dog is Still Growing: Puppies are a fun addition to a family, but we often are unaware of the ways that what we feed them will affect their development into healthy adults. Fresh food is higher in protein than dry kibble, a necessary nutrient for a puppy growing into an adult. Freshpet reviews that this is especially the case for larger puppies that will become even bigger in their old age.

If Your Dog Has Health Problems: Fresh food may be a good option to consider if your dog is experiencing health problems like obesity. Dry food is higher in carbs, which may not help your pet lose weight. Some find that fresh food’s higher protein content can help your dog feel more content, while the lack of as many carbs can help your dog maintain weight rather than gain it. As always, when it comes to switching your dog’s diet, it is always important to consult your veterinarian.